From a very young age I have been a rock hound with a love of art and the earth. I never felt that I was good at drawing, even in college, but always wanted to make art. This lead me to pursue other avenues of creativity like starting multiple businesses. Some have failed miserably and some very successful. I finally figured out how to meld my passions of art and business. It just so happens my artistic ability lies in the realm of silversmithing and soon to be goldsmithing.

When I was a little kid I remember being up on the Smith Farm in Burley, Idaho. Smith is my mom's side of the family. There was this little shed where my grandfather had a huge pile of turquoise inside. I would play for hours with it, thinking I had found magical treasure. He is spinning in his grave right now reading this story with you. I happen to have his ring with turquoise from that shed in it. It was given to me after he passed. You can see it below.

My grandmother was an architect and loved making art too. She excelled in pottery and even had a studio in her home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and Aspen, Colorado. The Aspen house is nothing but perfect for making art. It is so peaceful and beautiful that I dream of being able to create there. One could only daydream of the endless creations that could be made there. 

My last name is Pearl (my dad's side), what a name to have for jewelry right? I figure from the Smith side I got silversmithing. I'm a locksmith as well, so we can keep it in the smithing family lol. From Pearl the gemstones in my designs. I remember this as a reminder I am choosing the path that was meant for me and that I am on now, jewelry!